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Drawing Dare

Painting is the mirror of our mind. Which, like the expression that represents a confluence of colours. This unique colourful expression of art leaves an indelible impression & it can be your frist expression.Read More

Quiz Contest

In the world of education there is a light in our inner soul which enlighten the questions in each & every particles. Because this is the universe of questionnaire and we always countinue to ask questions.Read More

Cultural Show

Culture is the string of our lives which connects us to our society and with the sacrament. Because of the mere remembrance of this hope and ethos; it can spirited each & every feeling of our inner soul.Read More

Our Mission

The segment of our society is free from discrimination of any region, religion and Caste; working towards the development of children. Those who are financially helpless. This is an existing problem in the category of migrants. Our youth committee is fully dedicated to the revival of this problem.

Dance Academy

“Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.”

"JBBYS believes & offers training services to all." (अधिकार है सबका)

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Music Pathshala

"Always love to make magic."

"JBBYS wants everybody to make a magic around there life & enjoy."

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Education Masti

"Education is Enculturation"

"JBBYS always been assiduous to write best on these blank paper."

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